Friday, September 11, 2015

SBR Dirt Crit 7/8/9

Um so yeah, same ol' same ol'. Wonder where I've been. I've been smashed out, and just slumpin' around St. Louis. I've been warkin, and just tryin' to recover. Yes, I'm still kinda destroyed from Gravel Worlds, which I still a owe a race report on. It was bad ass! Lets just say I was very very very physically prepared, but minor oversights turned into big misfortune.

Its not all bad though. I learned a bit about my strength and how to be ready to overtake GWs for next year. Moving on though, heres a short recap on the last 3 DCs!

Week 7 I rode the cx bike. I managed to snag the hole shot and held the lead till the end. Bobelak kept me against the ropes for the first handful of laps. I eventually pulled away, but not far enough to be able to chill. It was good for me to have to stay focused on the turns and to not eat shit with the skinny tired bike.

smoke 'em if ya got 'em

Week 8 I got my baby back with a new bb(thanks Eric at Enduro).  Two weeks of racing the cx bike and then back to true ORB tires made the turns effortless! As it has so frequently crossed my mind before, 29er tubeless whether its with a rigid fork or shock is straight cheating! Thinking about how to take a turn was totally thrown out the window. However, the handling was there, but the power was low. From a outsiders perspective, everybody would call "Bullshit" to that, but this was the Thurs after GWs. I still took the win, but it was one hell of a struggle. 

nice form

Bobelak just before eating a taco. JK.

Week 9 was a dismal turn out, compared to previous weeks. We still had a allstar cast pushing the pace of the A race. If my legs felt blowed out the week before, the feeling was tenfold week 9. I snagged second into the woods, and then 2nd lap just past the finish line I washed out in the dust falling back 5 or so places. Our lead group had put a hurt on the rest of the field so by the time I was up and on the bike no chase group had caught up yet! I layed  out a couple efforts and bridged back up to my buddies. Within a couple laps I was back up in 1st and held it. I think everybody was feeling the accumulation of racing all summer because the whole race felt in slow motion. Even though I won, I still can't believe it. With as drained and uncertain I felt taking some of the tight turns, week 9 was won 100% on luck.

Last nights DC was CANCELED CANCELED CANCELED! We got a crazy storm that flooded out the course. 

Now I'm 1 week out from the last DC and Fools Gold 100 down in Georgia. I'm praying for a miracle to help me recover, push, and prevail through bofadoes races.

Also, next Thurs Sept 17th is the last SBR Dirt Crit! Don't be a fool and miss it.

And since I've dug up my Misfits cd's, heres "Last Caress" blended with some '50s rock n roll dancers. Enjoy!


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