Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Raleigh Technium 26er SS aka "Deth March"

Here is a pic of my new bike.
It was a donation bike to the Trek Store. A repair bike that the customer didn't want to spend the kinda money on that it needed and was too lazy to bring it home. I saw it and immediately saw its growing potential.

I stripped it down cut the chain. Left the 46t chainring on. Tossed on some spacers and a old 17t Surly cog plus donation Bontrager Hardcase 26x2.0 hybrid tires, and was G2G! I didn't even adjust the brakes and its honk is just as good as its looks. Deth March or Lil DM is my new training machine. Its painful, but does exactly what is asked of it. As of now it already has about 300 miles on it. Most of those were Gravel Worlds training day miles.

F the trainer! F a geared bike! I'm going for a Deth March!


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