Friday, October 16, 2015

Just keep screaming out...I'm still not dead yet!

Hey so I'm not dead. Over the last few months I've been well I can't even really say busy. Just burnt out, bummed out, and trashed out. In short, ever since Gravel Worlds I have not been myself. I dug myself into a pit as deep as the Mariana Trench and have now been crawling my way back out of it. Toss in some family stuff, and a trailer full of life annoyances and you got yourself preoccupodo.

I'm not gonna get into that. Here are some of the pics I took while I was walking around Queeny Park today trying to clear my head.

I will be honest, not to throw up any red flags,but I have been crazy bummed on a whole array of things last handful of weeks. Going to the park and getting goofy tho tots gets me over the hump. Oh and what is that buckle glimmering in the sunshine you ask? Well my friends that is a Burnin at the Bluff 2015 buckle. I and 2 others braved the only none pussy category and I took the W. The win tho was not what was important to me, but the reason why I feel like I truly earned that shit is because I went out and did 9 laps, 117miles of brutal rocky single track around a lake for 11hrs and 24min which is now course record for time. Last year Dwayne and I killed ourselves to finish 9laps in 11:52. Our eventual goal is the mythical 10 laps, but in 12 hours. 130 miles of this soul destructing course. I've raced this 12hr 5 years now, and the last 2yrs I have learned the most. So whats 13? A very interesting number... and it will be a very special and interesting day when Dwayne and I achieve 10 times 13!  


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