Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Super crazy late Lumberjack 100 photo post

Back in June was Lumberjack 100 in Wellston, MI. EK and drove up together in the lil' subbie. We got to stay in the lap of luxury at Kim and Chris' compound and go swimming in the lake Sunday morn. Thanks guys! I did pretty good at the race. I got 5th in SS. Going up there I figured thats where I'd land. I did bump my time down from last year. Considering I wasn't feeling 100%  I was overall stoked on the race and the weekend.

Here is a drone video of the start.

Now to the pics!

Early morn annoying Peat Henry

Our pretty 1 speed steeds

Mari "Pro Ass Adventure Racer" winning the Womens overall!

Her pup Obi-Wan

EK's finish photo

"Rad"Jan Roubal from Ontario

Teachin this dude how to shotgun right!

Ek one out of the two ladies to finish Ladies SS

Igor Danko who claimed I was trying to MURDER him on the trail with my attacks on him! I wouldn't do that :)

Pete Henry Ontario meets Peat Henry St Louis


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