Friday, November 13, 2015

Silly lil' horoscope

So I have a silly little daily horoscope thing at the bottom of my blog. I don't rely to heavily on guidance from them, but I do enjoy reading upon occasion my monthly or daily horoscope just to see how closely it parallels my own life. The other day my horoscope said this

Aquarius Horoscope 
Wednesday, November 11, 2015  
No one thought it would work, but you never really had any doubts. You now have evidence of what's possible, so do whatever it takes to share your findings with the rest of the world. You alone have the power to improve on the work of those who have gone before you. When you're acting for the common good, no one has to know about some of the perks that end up in your hands. The end result is the only thing that the general public is interested in anyway.  

The way I'd like to interpret this is my recovery from my hip injury and riding and racing single speed bikes. In the moment I knew that hopping back on the bike asap was what I needed to do to mentally and physically heal myself. Plus, I felt that there was no time to waste. Taking time off for lets just say "proper recovery" or defaulting to a geared bike would have been the inferior road to take. In a funny way I almost think it was ego telling me that, not that anybody else would have even given a rats ass. In doing so, I learned so much more about what my body and mind is capable of, and how far the human body actually can be pushed. So much, that when I think back to the last two years of living and racing my mind is still blown. My evidence for whats possible is that anything is possible. 

I also greatly rely on the ideas and accomplishments of those who have passed before me. Just being great friends with Dwayne G I've learned a bunch.  Or had I not seen Craig Ethridge tots destroy the Mens Open race on his SS at Gateway Cross Cup in 2012 then my life would have changed right then and there. I'd prolly be racing gears now. Or the following year when Gerry Pflug won Mohican 100 overall on a SS. Both showing that in the small niche of off-road bike racing anything is possible. Dwayne, Craig, and Gerry all opened my eyes to being confident in experimenting with seemingly trivial concepts like crank length or chainring size or choices, etc. And if those dudes can do it than why can't I do it too or at least expand upon their ideas to make it better?  Reading back I chuckle at myself for even making this a post, but I over analyze often and perhaps thats what I'm doing now. Analyzing shit, though, is what got me where I am with racing today, and with very little support. 

As for the perks, who knows? Hope its that everybody walks away as stoked! And  it true, what they say about the end result. Its the only thing anybody ever really pays attention to, and not the long hard road it takes to get there. Which is a shame because thats where all the interesting stuff happens, on the journey.  In the great words of Bon Scott from AC/DC  Its a long way to the top if you wanna rock n' roll. Sometimes though, just sometimes its all worth it.




  1. Can you write a blog about your experiences with riding SS? Bike setup, gears, etc. what you have learned. Training tips.
    Matt Smith

    1. Haha Matt, why would I talk about that lame stuff? That is all personal to the rider and may take years to weed out what is right or wrong to each individual. I see some peeps out there that swear by rocking a boner stem or itty bitty compact drive trains and fat tires. There are so many schools of thought. Most peeps just think I have crazy logic! I'm also incredibly lazy with this blog because I'd rather be out riding my bike or grilling chicken thighs, and how I would like to chit chat about that stuff I probably won't ever get around to it. If you need a hint as to some of my set up, I'm rather RETRO :) . And since I am having trouble paying my bills, I am accepting applications for peeps that think they need coaching. Maybe you can get some of my secrets that way wink wink!

  2. You're an inspiration/positive force for pretty much anyone who encounters you. So glad to know you!