Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Last Bubba CX race is this Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!!!

Come hang out and party at St Vincent County Park  Dec 6th for the last Bubba CX race of the year! Or race... I don't care.    Masters/SS race is the first race of the day at 10:45am, and everything else follows until the last race of the day at 3pm sharp. I will most likely be doing bofadoes.

If you want to race no USAC license is required. I repeat NO license is required. St Vincent is also a baller ass course that will always keep you on yer toes. Not to mention how spectator friendly it is! I hear rumor that Ron Clip will be there, mmmhhmmm. So like Ron bring spirit, bring beer, bring bbq, bring hand ups, and bring fun! Don't make Bob and I beg you.


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