Friday, March 11, 2016

OT 100 2014 some old pics

I never did a blorg post on this race because I wasn't blorging yet. Sept 6, 2014 was a great day. OT 100 was one of those days that on hindsight blows my mind that I finished, and as well as I did because my body was WRECKED OUT. My apologies if it reads like I'm tootin my own horn, but earlier in the year was when I broke my femur. With no real or lets say proper recovery I then went and raced a ton. The weekend before OT 100 Dwayne and I were in the Shenandoah Valley racing Shenandoah Mountain 100 and then the following weekend after OT was Fools Gold 100 down in Georgia. 3 hondos in 3 weeks, yeesh! Thats besides the point.

Well now I'm house /slash/ puppy sitting for my brother and his lady. They are heading out to Moab to ride O.R.B.'s right now and before they left Laura insisted that I check out the photos from the OT100 they had on the computer. They played sag support for Dwayne and I, and during the day snapped some photos. What better opportunity than now to do a  mini picture post of the day.

Thanks Will and Laura for being there that day. Much love to the bofayou's. And to Jim and Wendy Davis and OTA and all the aid station sponsors! It was a real turff as nails day with no regerts :).

My bro getting bottles for me

sad Seamus

Laura's foot

A huge bowl of spag n meatballs I'm scarfing down.

Dwayne Goscinski winning OT100

Only a few of the hand gestures, haha


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