Saturday, March 19, 2016

The more things change the more they stay the same

I found this video on MTBR and loved it. Some of you may have seen the video or at least vids of similar old klunker dudes shredding, but I just wanted to share with those that are unfamiliar with the history of mountain bikes.

This is just a short video documenting a bike ride from Crested Butte to Aspen Colorado. Its 1980 and everybody is on a klunker of some sort. There are even some kids on what looks like 20'' bmx bikes. By way of fire roads, off road trails, and some pavement the pack makes it to 12,000 ft and then a nice "rocky" ride down Pearl Pass finishing a long fast pavement section to Aspen. All to "Just show the Aspen folk what it means to bar hop in Crested Butte style".  Talk about a 1up, ha!

There is so many little deets that  could be so easily overlooked that I simply love. From the mustaches to the music they have playing. To how psyched and nervous everybody is, and the bikes!

The best display of doing something epic, but making it the most fun thing. Also reminding us of what we may think is "epic" groups of rad peeps were already doing 36 years ago on bikes with just a fraction of the technology.  I could say more but just advise to watch the videos.

video 1 and 2

Did you notice the wide bars and slack head tube angles, somethings never change.



  1. You should check out the book "Fat Tire Flyer" by Charlie Kelly. There is a chapter about third annual (second actual) year of the Crested Butte to Aspen race in the book about how a bunch of the Northern Cal people went to ride it including Gary Fisher, Joe Breeze and others. Also the book has tons of awesome old school "clunker" pictures.

  2. Love the facial hair, no kits, the Stones and those Aspens.
    Favorite lines:
    Get away from the cops, cars and concrete
    Disco up the mountain
    It's more a party than a ride
    It attracts the element we like
    BIIIIGGGG Rocks!
    I'm not drunk yet! FUCK!!!