Tuesday, May 12, 2015

So Kinda a Cohutta 100 race report.....?

Hey all, so as I've stated before in previous posts. If it takes me two weeks of being AWOL then it probably means I'm busy, and yes I was. After Cohutta work was busy. I was wrecked, and trying to recover for Cedar Cross. AND! Kate my kick ass Alfagina girlfriend was packing to move in less than a week in a half to Seattle of all places :(.  It just doesn't add up if you ask me to find time to do this typing crap. So now that Cohutta 100 is like two weeks ago, here is a half ass'd  report.

The Facts.
-4th SS finished in 8:03

-20th Overall out of about 140 that finished. There were 200 that were registered. Doesn't mean they all toed up to the line that rainy morn'.

-I got to rock the "Drahppah Baws" and use every cx skill set I've ever learned, cuz it had been raining all night and a hour n' a half into the race. Things were wet and slick!

-My brakes totally went out (cuz of the wet and slick) by mile 8, and I was able to "kinda" fix 'em. Then loss of brakes again until mile 42 at the aid station, and then was able to fix only the rear which lasted til the end at mile 105.

-I got to ride with new Team Noah  teammate Dan Rapp for awhile. He got to see me take some hella sketch turns. And destroyed himself to finish 3rd.

-I got to ride with Ernesto"Awesome Ernie" Marenchin for like 30miles, and he got to see me take some gnarly turns, too!

-Met a new SS friend Brian Patton. He got 2nd SS for the day. Cheers dude!

-Our friend Gordon totally won the Overall on his SS! Nice f-ing work dude. Hella proud of ya.

-We had special AJ jerseys, and we took over the podium. Thanks AJ, I know you were with us that day.

-Home town fast guy Brian "Rogo-a Gogo" Roggeveen and I got to duke it out abit. His brakes went out too.

-Emily Korsh and Linsey Durst came with me. Raced and totally survived! Emily then had to work at Alpine shop the next morning. Plus! Went on to do a 72hr Adventure Race in Florida the following weekend. So rad. I just slept in and road fat bikes at the Trek Demo, haha.

-Hermann Gravel totally did what it was supposed to. It super charged me for Cohutta. Thanks again Jeff for putting it on.

4 outta 5 AJ Jerseys on the podium ain't bad. 


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