Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Yer already missed Toots. Good luck in Seattle!

This goes out to my lady. She finally finished all of her skoolin' and got her PHD in mechanical engineering. Now shes "Puttin' on the mustache" and getting a big kid job.

Unfortunately for us the big kid job is in Seattle, WA. Boooooo! Which means we are gettin' split up.

Kate, you're awesome and I'd say we had a good run. I love ya and hella proud of ya. Along with being psyched to have called ya my lady.

You kick ass at everything you do and this won't be any different.

Party Hard and Stay Rad.

Much wattage in the cottage.

we made it!

Alfagina winning $500. Nice work babe.

And a farewell flick off and 'za.

And not that our meeting was exactly like the The Ramones in Rock n' Roll Highschool, but I'd say it was pretty similar....

 <3 peat

ps Consider the Ramones cd yours :)

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  1. Oh my little pebble. You are fantastic and i miss you bunches. There are so many baby cows out here rompusing, partying hard and being cute. The ramones cd started playing again! I think it's to remind me of you... But definitely made my drive way more awesome. Love ya, miss ya, keep up the good work!