Thursday, May 28, 2015

To those going to Dirty Kanza, I wish you godspeed.

So I've got a handful of friends going to Dirty Kanza 200 this weekend. I on the other hand am not. I will be at Mohican 100 in Ohio which is, as far as difficulty, equally bad ass.  With most people knowing it to be a ultra endurance event, and knowing me to be into that sort of thing. I often get asked if I'm going to race DK this year. Well I'm not as stated. Also, I personally feel that as a race entity Dirty Kanza has sold out. Yes, I will go and speak how I feel. I think Jim Cummins has sold out. I feel like I have more than enough ammunition to back my statement and if you ever feel like getting into the ring with me on this topic I surely will step in. However, this is merely my humble opinion and this post is not intended to be my rant on DK, but a good luck post to all my friends who will be there.

Now just because I feel the way I do about DK doesn't make the race itself any easier. Its still a total soul crusher. In fact both years I did it were incredibly difficult. The first year in 2012 I blew myself up so good that I had one of the worst death marches of  my life the second 100 miles to the ends, and the heat made me think my brain was about to leak out of my ears. In 2013 I won SS, but that doesn't mean it was easy.  The head wind between mile 113-140 was crippling to say the least. I also was pretty much going head to head with my friends Rafal D. and Peter C. so none of us could let up if we wanted to take the win. All three of us had our share of bike mechanical's and misfortunes. So in this race anything can happen during the course of 200 miles.
This is your path. All you have to do is pedal.

That being said I know the pain you all will endure and send you all blessings of having the strength to not only finish, but also soul crush everyone in your path.

So good luck
Benji Bockting
Tom Gutman
Wes Boyce
Derek Prior
Craig and Tara Baker
Peter Chrapkowski
Watts Dixon
Hunter Henry
Eddie Klien
Cooper Mittelhauser
Anatoly Zlotnik
Chris Pay
Andy Sizemore
Paul Quindry
Jay Strothman
Patrick Kirkes
Don Buttram
Dave Frie
Doug Long
Josh Johnson
Desiree White
Christine Roettger
Kate Hrubes
Kate Geisen

 And in your moments of darkness let Metallica "Master of Puppets" awaken your blood and drive you to glory. And sorry if I missed ya in the list. Their were a bunch of peeps that were reg'd to sort through.


ps  I expect all of you to finish, and if you don't I'm not talking to you for one year. Simply prevailing through hardship makes one strong like bull. Quiting makes one weak like noodle.  

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