Monday, June 1, 2015

Congrats to my friends at Dirty Kanza

So as previously mentioned, Dirty Kanza is a tough as nails race. You can always guaranty that nine out of 10 times its going to cripple everybody and leave them a quivering wasted piece of jelly.  Whether its wind, heat, sun, or rain DK200 will soul crush. However, even on the 1 out of 10th time that conditions are "good" one has to remind themselves that they will still be either riding 200 miles simply to finish or as some might do, actually race it! So this year wasn't any different than any other. All participants got muddy and sometimes ate shit.

Looks like somebody needs to work on their CX skills.
 That being said I want to give a few shout outs and accolades. I can't hit everybody, but I hope those I miss remember I'm still psyched in their finish.

To Wes Boyce, hella proud of ya for winning SS and 12th overall!

To Kate Geisen, I know how hard you have been training and as far as I'm concerned you killed it. Love ya, and just keep crushing yourself and soon you will be crushing everybody around you.

To Derek Prior, having a baby on the way and moving really cuts into ride time. Nice work and thanks for getting Watts in safe.

To Watts Dixon, thanks for not dying.
Watts, presumably before he began to crumble.

To Hunter Henry, nice work dude.

To Ethan Froese, way to be loaded like a freight train.

To Earl Earlonson, way to kill your first DK, and thanks for listening to my advise. Glad it totally helped out.

To Yuri Hauswald and Michael Sencenbaugh for further debunking the myth that there can't be a sprint finish at the end of a ultra endurance race.