Friday, July 17, 2015

Dirt Crits week 2

Last night was week 2 of our local series of Dirt Crits. They're bad ass and super fun. I've been doin' them for years now and they have been around in some incarnation for twice that time. For a full reason why I like em so much read this. Otherwise it was just another great night of short track racin' on off road bikes on a beautiful thurs night. Thanks 2Timing Guys, Swim Bike Run, and Trail Net for a great evening.

Last night also got me my second 1st place DC win of the 2015 series. FYI, I race a rigid ss against almost all geared dooods. In 2013 I won the series overall. Lets see if I can continue to smash 'em up.

Me, Ian my team mate, and the infamous Bob Arnold.
Rumor has it I now hold fastest lap time on this course. OOOWEEE!


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