Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lets just go for a pedal and get some sleep

So first off, last Thursday was Week 3 of the Dirt Crits. I was feeling better than the previous week, but not 100%. The power was there, but come this time of the summer my nerves become shot and need some chill time. So from a outsiders perspective my handling and riding may seem awesome, but I can sense doubt in my skillaz. Example, every lap of the the DCs last Thurs. I was slowing way down on all the turns, and didn't have that flow. I just had a paranoia that I was gonna wash out so I took the turns way slower than usual plus the overshooting of turns that even my friend Sam was heckling me for first lap. Its nothing I'm gonna be hard on myself for. I still won the race on my rigid SS BOCOMO so I'm totally psyched. Its just something I need to understand and be aware of. In the quest for greater speeds its important to understand that handling is just as important as power as to strength(yes, power and strength are two different entities) as to nutrition as to strategy. If your feeling anxious, then its probably time you chill. Nuff said.
Just a BOCOMO pic
Mark "Monk" Sticka  representin'

Sam up front and Ian from Team Noah in pursuit

Bob and I DESTROYING the rest of the field!


Then there was Friday. Work, Team Noah meeting, and then hang out firepit sesh at Coach's place. Which was B.A. cuz I got some Mona time in. Mona is Coach's puppy and she is cuuuute! I gave her some treats and things were good.

Saturday, I met up with some folks and did a small group ride. I knew it would be a bit slower paced so I rode my new/old bike "Deth March". Its the early 90's 26er Raleigh Technium that a customer donated to the shop cuz it was gonna cost too much to repair. I quickly adopted it and converted it to SS with a knee blowingly big gear, and put fat donated hybrid tires on it. I will get a pic up soon of it, since its my new toy that I'm excited about. You see, unlike some folks, I get stoked on how little money something cost me and not how much money something cost me. "Deth March" was absolutely free! And have a incling that this turd may just be my new secret weapon for training. I guess thats not a secret now, well you guys can suck it!

Back to the ride, it started at Spoked down on Cherokee St and rode out to the county and past Babler State Park. Then back through Kirkwood and back to the south side. I got separated from the group because of stopping to chat with the Flannigans at there new shop Trail Head Bikes. I then spent almost the remainder of the ride playing catch up which most would agree sucks, but I found it pretty sick. Turning lemons to lemonade is my way. I'm gonna throw a shout out to Cassie for the play by play txts giving me intersections that I had to go hunt down. At the end i had done roughly 80miles on a soul crusher of a bike.

I was gonna go meet up with friends but rested up for the rest of the night instead. I'll be straight. I was burnt up, but in a good way. Plus, i wanted some recovery for the race Sunday morn.

So Sunday was supposed to be the Rockbridge ORB race in COMO. I was super pumped given everybody that was gonna be there is awesome! But.... it got postponed due to rain that morn. I went back to sleep and slept till 1:30. I didn't sweat it. I figure if your sleeping and dreaming with wreckless abandon, your body probably really needs the rest.

I get up do some stupid house chores, and then hop on the purple Nature Boy. The goal was to do most of the Noah memorial route before dark. Well I got 20 miles out and flatted. Guess what, my spare tube also had a hole in it. I managed to get gorilla tape to hold "kinda" for about 5 miles back to University city where I then rode the remainding mile on the rim. I got to Big Fish just after close, but with all the luck Coach sees me and lets in to get and replace my tube. Thanks dude!

Back on my bike I ride out into Kirkwood area and then back to the southside again. Ending mileage just under 60. Less than planned, but more than expected.

This whole week now is dedicated to chill out mode. Single Speed Kansas City is Saturday and I kinda want to crush it! Or Destroy it! Or maybe even Kill It! Either which way I want to make my competition hurt and I expect them to do the same to me.

Now I'm gonna get outta here and go to a punk show my friends are putting on in a shady part of town down by the river. And with that I will leave you with some punk music to get us all wound up!

Bad Religion "Give You Nothing"


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