Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Shit or get off the pot. I guess I'm going to Tatanka.

I say it constantly "Life is crazy!", but for some reason it just never gets old. Well I guess some stuff does, but drastic turns of events I mean. When I wrote the crybaby post about going to Tatanka 100 I was seriously being torn between my gut feeling telling me to, but then some other outside force(as in bills, van transmission oil changes, and just paying for travel) screaming NO! It was a tough call. As of  last Friday I had thrown in towel for Tatanka even though my heart was still beating and kicking. 

So I decided I was going to party the weekend away and rage.  Blondie, who just turned 70 freakin' years old, was playing for free in Forest Park for Fair St Louis so that was my first step. Side note, she is still pretty great for a old Blondie! Next was old friends Bassamp n' Dano playing down at the Schlafly Tap room with our other friends in the band TOK. It too was pretty jammin. Not to mention, my boy Tracey M. dang near killed me by buying me a crazy amount of drinks. Next was a house party at T. Hills place. It once again was a allstar group of degenerates with shot gunnings of beer and reprimand for being messy. Things began to rage when I got there and only escalated. I estimate it was about 5 when I got home and don't remember the pedal time. I recon it was about 5am cuz I was told later that T. Hill was kicking folks out about 4:30.

Friday night complete!

I wake Saturday and drag thru doing house stuff and then pass out again. I rally to get my self up and head over to yet another free party. This time its under the soon to be destroyed Kingshighway bridge in south city. A handful of years ago the local skaterboarders built a skate park under the bridge and the city allowed it cuz the bridge was set for demolition in a few years anyway.

So what better to do than throw a going away party for the skate park on 4th of JULY. It was wreckless abandon at its finest and I relished in every moment.  Fireworks, rowdy people, skateboards, bbq, beer, bigger fireworks, punk bands, fire, shred sessions and naked dudes and chicas. Words and pics don't describe it accurately, but lets just say I feel bad for the the folks next to me who got my blown mind splattered all over them. Don't worry I survived! It was also here that my friend Christine who does ok for herself offered me some travel cash to get to Tatanka. She's rad, and always has my back and is one of those peeps in my life that I can't believe I know.

At night fall I boogied my butt on my new old bike DM(deth march), thats a old Raleigh Technium 26er mtb from the early 90's, down to the further south side. While en route I found more friends and fireworks at A&M Bikes on Morgan Ford. I was greeted with loving Carl and Steven giving me strength replenishing food and fireworks. Unfortunately all good things come to a end and I had to move to meet up with more folks just up the street at Lil' Fast Eddies aka Stella Blues. I was given a beer, a chicken wing, and fries were shared with me along with more great company. Time was still of the essence and I still had to make it further south. Brizone my old roomy joined me down to Jeff and Jess' house for a 4th of JULY bbq. This was more of a nightcap. I drank a qt of half melted Haagan Dazs ice cream and mingled. The witching hour came and went and bed was calling. After all I had the Noah Goscinski Memorial ride to be at at 7am.

Out go the lights, on come the lights. Getting up to pop music was a struggle but I knew the fun of riding a hundo on the road with 40+ awesome folk would revive me. It wasn't until I pounded the Mountain Dew Kickstart close to 30 miles in did I get that rev. I don't recommend the lemonade version.

During the ride while talking to Dwayne and him telling me I had to go, did I realize Tatanka was in my destiny for better or for worse. Dwayne was the deciding factor to make the push whether I was alone or not on my quest. Planning was back on the table. The end of the ride had me filled with a strange euphoria. A mix of being ramped up on the Noah ride, going to Tatanka, and just hanging out with rad bike rider folks, not to mention still coming off the high from the skate park bbq/party. All other problems were melting away, and support would just be there if Tatanka was meant to to be.

Monday rolls around and I'm struggling thru repairs with weird write ups, and Zoll comes in. I casually suggest that he goes to Sturgis with me to race a 100 miles off road. He responds with "Gotta run it by the the other half?" ie his ladygal. That night he txted me with a "I'm in for Sturgis".  BOOYA!

I'm still hella nervous though. I just found out that the NUE race Patapsco 100 that was this weekend got postponed to Sept. And guess what, Gordon was signed up for it. So what I can't put beyond the shadow of a doubt is that he may try to make it to South Dakota for Tatanka. I kind of have no way of knowing, but thems the potential cards that were delt. And we can only see what will unfold.

So now is Wed. I dropped my Van off at RPM Automotive to get the transmission fluid flushed and a new filter. I had to leave it and take the bus into work. I brought my bike but it was pouring down rain and wanted to rest my legs, so I spent 12 minutes standing in the rain waiting for the bus. I then got crazy down poured on between the bus stop and Trek Store which is only 2 minutes apart. Once again I'm having one of those just insane weeks of no real rest and abunch of just hassle leading up to a big race. I really don't get it, and just take it as karma.

In the end I really have no idea what to think. I'm super crazy pumped to go to Tatanka and am super appreciated of those who are helping me out. I.E. Christine, Super Kate, and my sister Sue. I still have this lousy too much to do in too little time feeling which is not good to have leading up to a hundo.

I'm going to just leave it at that. Theres nothing I can do but just sally fourth, and take that blind leap of faith. That what my heart was telling me to follow was right.  I also want to close with one of my favorite punk songs of all time "I'm Alive" by the Circle Jerks. Not much for a video, but well you know....



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