Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gimme a Hell Yeah for Desiree White and Christine Edwards!

Dudes in this day and age always get shout outs and write ups and kudos. Well, the ladies need that too I feel so this is my shout out to two gals that kick ass and give me just that little bit more of drive to do what I do. One is my good friend Christine and my acquaintance from Oklahoma Desiree.

Christine has always had the bad ass gene in her. When she was younger she just started running and got to the point where marathons were kinda no big deal. That was shoved to the wayside and as of the last 2 years, maybe?, has got into crossfit.  That may not seem like much of a story, so hold on. A couple years ago she broke her elbow while partying. Really a friend of ours picked her up and she got dropped, but she didn't leave and cry,but continued to hang out and shred. Fast forward to right about the time I broke my hip in Jan 2014, Christine was in Turkey and in a freak accident fell broke her foot majorly and rebroke her elbow. So we kinda got to be in recovery mode together. During this time she had already been doing the cross fit thing and beginning to climb the latter until her accident happened. A couple months later she was finally able to start doing push ups again and started running. She would also sometimes shoot me awesome txts about her beginning to hang with some of the stronger chicas at the gym and out box jump and  burpee them.

Well back in April she sent me this email that I was totally stoked on it read...

I did my first legit crossfit competition yesterday and got 2nd! It was a fun competition for beginners who haven't really done competitions before. There was a novice division and an intermediate division and I got 2nd in the intermediate division. The woman that I lost to has been doing crossfit for a lot longer than me and done a lot of competitions and is way stronger than me....but I killed her on the longer endurance workouts. It was 6 workouts in total.

Anyway, I figured I'd let you know since you are always so supportive ! The guy who put on the competition said it was a lot of work and he was debating even doing it again next year and then he saw me drink beer out of my trophy and said the hassles were all worthwhile, haha! 🏆

 Along with this was podium pics and her beer chugging out of her trophy! Oh, and Christine, you have been the supportive one :).

F-yeah lady, and keep killing it! Its funny what the body can do and recover from in a year. Its not always in the body, but whats in the mind that pushes us.

 So next is Desiree. I first met her at Gravel Worlds last year. She was racing the Ladies Masters Category, but you would have never known she was old enough. She is totally rad in a bunch of ways. As far as her history I don't have much to go on other than I think she may have been a tri-athlete. Desiree don't worry I will forgive you for peeing on your saddle and getting caught up in that malarkey. Anyways, she transitioned to gravel at some point, and at GWs last year she mentioned a SS O.R.B. that she rides. I didn't pry too much but just took it as she may dable in the one speed off road biking. Desiree also has the the most bubbly giggly laugh and the cutest pig tails, along with the best smile!

Months later I run into my friend Brandon from Oklahoma the Friday night before Ouchita Challenge in Oden, AR. And who of all people pedals up, but Desiree White who is buddies with Brandon and rode up there with him! Ends up she doesn't just dable in one geared bikies, but races and crushes souls on them! Again with the exclamation mark!!!!! She ended up killing Ouchita Challenge on her one speed, by the way. She also called me out on my cold chicken skin legs at the start, haha.

When I got back to STL I told Kate my lady friend at the time "If Desiree wasn't spoken for and if we weren't dating, I would so fire on her!" I seem to recall Kate agreeing with me in this sentiment. She didn't slap me anyhow or make me sleep on the couch.
Just as of recently after signing up for GWs I saw Desiree's name on the roster. So I did some internet stalking to see what she was up to. I found nothing really, but some photos. Nothing incriminating, but just to prove she rocks!

One is of her and her man. I feel its what I may look like when I am older. It also gives me ultimate hope that I'm gonna end up with the most righteous babe. Two is of her tearin' it up on a SS CX bike with a great smile. Three, her in SSAT(single speed areo tuck) on her ORB.

 Desiree, I hope you don't find this shout out creepy. I just have mad respect for ya lady and hope you continue to kill it for many a years. Keep the smile, and keep the faith.

Party hardy ladies and have a good one!



  1. These chicas sound like an inspiration to me...way to recognize the ladies out there!

  2. I met Desiree a couple of years ago while racing Iron Mountain. Her mid race pep-talk is pretty much what powered me through to the finish! Rad chic for sure!