Thursday, April 23, 2015


Cohutta 100 is Saturday. I wasn't feeling ready last night, but now I'm ramped up and destined to crush souls. Well, lets hope I crush souls. It is is racing isn't it?

I have two finisher mugs under my belt, Woohoo!
2012 I rolled down with Dwayne and got my butt handed to me. It was rad, took me 8.5 hrs. Then on the way home pounded a Colt 45 Blast,
and realized 3 hours into the drive home I had no clue what Dwayne was talking about anymore. So I told him "Dwayne, dude. I have no clue what your talking about anymore."

2013 was swell and and pretty much ended like this. It was a torrential down pour pretty much from 10pm the night before through the next day. I finished in about lets say 9.5 hrs. Steve Friedman and I then drove home that night once again in a torrential down pour.

2014 I broke my hip and got this stuff put in me.
 I felt that the race would have been tolerable, but the drive to Ducktown, TN would have sucked.

So instead I only drove 2 hrs away to the Lake of the Ozarks to do a 150 mile gravel road race called The Ogre. I won SS and got 4th overall.
took me exactly 11hrs to finish. My friend Hunter(Henry) thought I was fucking with him the last 20 miles saying I had a flat. Well I did! I was nursing it for the last 35 miles, and finally road into the finish on a flat.

Now is 2015 Cohutta 100. I want to thank Dwayne G. for keeping on me through the fall of 2011 about this race. I learned alot from the two times I did it and now is no difference. Always good competition and long climbs that this Missouri boy just doesn't have a chance to regularly work into his schedule.

Cohutta 100 here I come, so lets party hard.


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