Friday, April 17, 2015

Help a brother out. Chad St Peters

Yo folks, Chad St Peters is a friend that I race against in the local St Louis race series. Some of you may know him, others may not. Last year he started getting back pain and then the doctors misdiagnosed the problem, allowing time for crazy amounts of infection. Surgery was needed among a list of other things. I'm not sure he's back to work and money is super tight for him and his family right now. I donated $50, which is alot for a bike mechanic coming out of the slow winter season. So if I can do that, then I'm asking for people, if they can, to donate $10 or $20 at the bare minimum. It will really help Chad out.

Chads surgery fund is here at GoFundMe. There is a better summery of whats going on there.

 Last year I broke my hip and was given so much support. Had I not had that things would have worked out, but been tough. Well, Chad could use the helping hand, and has much more at stake. Who knows, you may need the helping hand some day.


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