Friday, April 3, 2015

True Grit Epic

This was my first race of 2015. True Grit Epic, St George Utah, Mar 14.  It was brutal. Only the fast dudes and chicas showed up. I have no shame in saying that I had my ass handed to me across the board. Competition, tech riding, heat, amungst other things. I even put a old Reba shock fork (borrowed from a friends parts pile) on last last last minute because almost 100% Gerry Pflug converted his Specialized Epic to SS for this race in 2014. My thoughts were this "Gerry is wise, I may take from his experience and rock the shock fork for this one."  The race still felt like I was riding rigid, crazy.

This is a video highlights assembled by DirtWiretv. Thanks Thom for the edit.

And here is a link to my interview on DirtWiretv


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