Monday, June 29, 2015

Tatanka 100 anyone?

So here's the deal, for anybody that doesn't know I participate in a 100 mile off road bike series called the National Ultra Endurance Series or NUE for shorts. The better your points the better you rank. As of now I am totally duking it out(well, better than everybody else) for 1st in the series with SS National Champion and previous years NUE series SS overall champion Gordon "Quadsworth" Wadsworth. If I win I get to be cool along with getting a bunch of $$$ back to help offset everything I've invested to that point. I also get a all expenses payed trip to La Ruta de los Conquistadores. It doesn't stop there. If I do win the series overall I will then have some really big shit to put on my race resume which will hopefully help with getting sponsored for next year. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I'm not sponsored and I've been paying my way for all this fun stuff. Not a complaint, just a fact. And as a side note, my bike shop salary is good for somebody that doesn't race, but doesn't even scratch the surface for somebody who does when everything is factored in.

So now getting to the nitty gritty, to stay competitive in the series with Quadsworth I need to kick out a decent result at Tatanka 100. Which means.... You got it! Going to Tatanka 100 in Sturgis, SD. My question is does anybody want to go with me to help cut costs on gas and share driving??? I can fit comfortably 3 total people in the van with bikes, but really only need one extra peep.

The race is in less than two weeks. July 11 to be exact. There is a 100 mile and 50 mile version. A few of us did it 2 years ago and it was bad ass, but this year they changed the format to a Point to Point style race with a shuttle service dropping you off at Mt Rushmore and then you race back to Sturgis.

We can take my van. We would leave Thursday July 9th after the dirtcrits and just drive easy through the night with no rush. Its about 16 hrs, fyi. I usually stealth camp and bring most of my food to keep costs from reaming my bank account.

The drive is something that I don't mind doing by myself, but having the added help is well worth its weight when it comes to healthy/strong performance on race day. If anybody is interested or can help in some way holla.

My email that I will most likely check is, or just leave me a comment.

Lastly, if you get sub 8 hrs(which nobody has done) you get a big show boater ring!


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  1. Well I can't go with ya but I can contribute to the travel fund!