Friday, August 7, 2015

Dirt Crits week 4 and 5

As I've said The Dirt Crits are a freakin good time. What I like about them is how they harness your high speed handling skillaz. I like 'em so much I don't think I have missed one since 2009. For serious! The peeps are also always rad and free sno-cones and beer to the racers.

That being said heres a flyer for it.
And the Dirt Crit fb link. Check it out. Only a handful of weeks left!

Trailnet is also one of the sponsors. They help get St Louis moar bike friendly. 

Oh, and by the way. Week 4 and 5, I nailed 1st both races. I even hopped in the B race last night on my All-City Purple Nature Boy to see how it would fare. I technically wasn't in the race, but I put a pretty good hurt the rest of the field and got a second 1st place of the night. Even though it didn't count for anything.
Why you grabbin' my beard dave?

Also, thanks Struckmans for dinner!


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