Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dirt Crits Week 6. Another Weenier.

Last Thursday was Week 6 of the Dirt Crits. After testing the water the week before I decided, or was forced rather, to race my All City Purple Nature Boy CX bike. The back story is short. After less than 5 months I already blew out my Enduro bottom bracket. Enduro wouldn't send me a new one without inspection of the blowed out one first. And since I'm racing myself broke right now, I sent it to them in hopes of it getting warrantied. So, my BOCOMO O.R.B. has now become a strider bike.

I love the Dirt Crits and figured it would be nothing but a learning experience to ride the CX bike for them. I kinda got the feeling that peeps thought I was out flexing my muscles by riding the Nature Boy, but I wasn't. I really had no clue how things would pan out. It also was really hard to take turns on that thing at speed with the dusty turns. It was fun however! I love doing things that sharpen my skillaz, and doin what I did last Thursday was much of that.

 After a bad start of not getting clipped in, and getting into the rabbit hole 6 spots back made for a tough and mentally draining race. Everything that the fat tires could disrespect, would straight make my rear end pucker.  Not to mention the matches burned in the first 3.5 laps before I was able to make a pass on the top four dudes. Even then Bobelak was still able to ride my ass to the finish.

In the end I still got the WIN. Will I ride the CX bike again for week 7? Yup. I have to, I don't have my bb back yet. So race Thursday night, clean the bike and then off to Gravel Worlds I go.


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