Friday, August 7, 2015

You Dirty Dirty Dirty

 Ok, so my new friend and fellow dirt bag Chris Reichel
is coming to St Louis this weekend.

He has some good association with Reeb Bikes, Drunk Cyclist, Oscar Blues, and he just quit his day job to ride his CX bike across the country towing a bob trailer with his SS ORB set up on the bob via a roof rack tray.

Well Sunday he will be at Hammerstones down in Soulard from 3 to 9ish partying and giving away crap. 

Speaking of crap, heres his Instagram. Its got great pics of his bike set up and him sitting on a tank.

I will be doing the 1gear100 road ride with a whole grip-o-folks, but will be hustling over to Hammerstones pronto after the ride.

Hope to see ya there, its gonna be fun!


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