Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Event Horizon. Gravel Worlds here comes Peat Henry

For everybody surrounding me in my daily life Gravel Worlds is now old hat. Despite it not even happening yet. Its the race that I've been bustin' my balls for for the last 2 months, and the race that I mention when anybody asks "Have any big races coming up?"  Have a race Sunday? Oh lets go out and do a 125 miles Saturday. Got friends in town that want to party? Lets just stay out til 3 Friday! Feel shitty on Tuesday? 90 miles it is on Wednesday. I've been burnin the candle at both ends, and now I'm on the event horizon. I feel pretty hella good surprisingly. 

I never like to get my hopes up though. The body and mind may be tip top, but a unforeseen bike failure could sabotage everything when old man Murphy comes to town. I also haven't done this race yet. I've done many similar, but not this. Its totally unsupported with the exception of a few convenient stores and family members of the race organizers  opening up their lawns/garages to us filthy pedal pushers. So only time will tell how many souls I will crush, or how many souls will crush me? It goes both ways.

I'm not nervous. I'm not scared. I'm just excited to see what happens. I'm curious about what this Saturday will bring. I've been going on blind faith since I broke my hip a year and a half ago( man has it been that long?!!), and this is just another step into the darkness. Always having that funny feeling in my belly that keeps telling me to commit and then awesome ass shit will happen!

Life's crazy man. I still don't get it. So its time to give up thinkin', and start doin'.    


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