Thursday, June 25, 2015

Any body need a roof rack or wheelset?

Hey all, at Lumberjack 100 last weekend I got 5th place SS and they gave me a Yakima Frontloader roof rack and a Velocity Wheels 50% off voucher. I'm getting rid of both for reasons that I'd prefer the $$$$ to compensate for the race reg and travel to Michigan and back.  Plus I'm terrified of roof racks on mini vans and tall cars and drivin' into low overhangs.

-Was thinking $100 for the Yakima rack. Its new in box.
-20% of the retail for whatever wheelset you wanted. So if you get a $1000 wheelset for $500. I get $200. Is that how percents work, I can't remember? Or I'm open to offers/suggestions for the voucher.

And Lumberjack 100 race recap soonish...


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