Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lumberjack 100 here I come...

Saturday is this race in Wellston,MI near the middle left of the state. It starts and ends at the Big M Ski Area, located inside the Manistee National Forest. Its 3 33mile loops and is a claimed 90% single track.  If you don't blow up going into the 2nd lap and pace, its a fast race.

Team Noah Foundation team mate EK and I are making the 9ish hr trip to once again race our bikes 100miles and crush souls. This is a great race for a billion reasons. Its fun. The SS category is always stacked and Founders Brewing is a prime sponsor! Also, if your a newbie its pretty jammin' cuz you always are withing 17 miles of the start if not closer. Plus it is a lap style format.

We also get to meet up with Kim and Chris and their family who are bad ass, and live just a few miles from the start! Kim and Chris were actually alot of the inspiration for Noah Foundation.  During the time Noah was in the hospital, Kim and Chris' little guy Ronan was next door having a rough go of it as well. Much of the time Kim was in St Louis with Ronan, while Chris was back in Michigan working to pay bills and keep the insurance flowing. During this gnarly time was when Dwayne, Bettina, Kim, and Chris all began to meet. It was this seed that gave the Noah Foundation a reason to exist and hopefully sooner than later play a big role in helping families out that are in the same situation.

Much like going into Mohican 100, I'm not feeling tip top. That being said, I also can't and don't want to guarantee that I will get the same surprise ending. Just because I get one good result in the NUE, doesn't promise that I'm deserving of a second. So I'm just gonna roll with the punches as usual and see how everything plays out. Ya dig?

So in that being said time to boogie on out, and bulldoze straight into another wild day. Have a rad weekend everybody, and make it count!


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