Monday, June 15, 2015

Rumble on Route 66 race report.

This will be a quickie, since it is a week ago and I'm tired and there were no real pictures taken.

Rumble on Route 66 was a super rad joint effort put on by Rich Peirce and the ICCC and Dan Furman and Route 66 Bikes. Part of the local UFD race series, the race took place at Forrest City in St James, MO.

So since I've been broke, I will be honest I signed up for the category that had money. I also did this because the week prior at Mohican 100, had I read the fine print, I would have tried a little harder to win 1st SS to get a gnarly payout. Expert class at the Rumble ended up paying out 5 deep and I figured as long as I could not have a terrible blow up I could at least get that, and some kickback. I was nervous to see Bob Arnold their and my boy Turbo who snapped my wrist  both days of Herman gravel challenge.

The race is underway and with in the first 1/4 lap I'm in second and slowly creeping up to Turbo. Oh, and Turbo just got his PRO card stamped FYI. I hook up to him and we ride until the end of the 2nd lap when I creep away from him. He said he wrecked sometime in the beginning and hit his head. It was also extreeeeemely hot and Missouri style of humid. I wouldn't be to surprised if that complicated things with him also.

I ride the very tail end of the 2nd lap all the way to the end of the race by myself to a overall win!

I also did it SS with a 38/20 gear. I knew my brain was crooked going into this race with that gear, but knew it was gonna smash me or smash many a souls. I can't say that it didn't feel kinda good. I had been soul crushing myself for all of the winter regularly coming home frost bitten and or just a vacant shell of a doood. So seeing it all pay off really feels good that I listened to that little voice in my head and in my heart and just kept pushing.

I also have to note that the same Bontrager XR1 29x2.0 rear tire that I have been riding off and on again since April of 2013 and all of this year and the end of 2014 held tough again on a super tech sometimes gnar trail. Thanks Bonty tire I love you so much!

So Rich, Dan, and crew thanks a crazy bunch for putting on a great race. It even felt legit pro in sections.

Also, to Dan, I want to make a public apology that I couldn't donate to the trail fund. I really am crazy broke right now and wasn't trying to be a stingy bastard or selfish. After gas and registration, the rest of my pay out went to my chiropractor. He asked me "What did you do this weekend, your really messed up!" I didn't even stop for food on the way home but stopped at my friend Sarah's for her to make me a sandwich. So it really is the races paying for themselves thats even keeping me racing right now. Its what some people call "living the dream".  I just want to say thanks a crazy bunch and hope you don't hate me. You and Sam and everybody else did a smashing job on the place!

Also thanks Heather Hill for lettin' me "borrow" the old Reba fork. It came in handy!

And Sarah 88 for coming to see a great race of mine after years of me ditching out on hanging out and partying, and four wheeling of trucks. Hope it all makes sense now and the foods were great!


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