Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Yeah yeah I know I know...

So I'm bad, I know. I gave you a Mohican teaser and no report yet. I've been kinda partying a lot the last week and had crazy yard work to do, plus the Rumble on Route 66 race on Sunday.

Tues was a late night with FBC Prom. Then Thurs was my friend Francis' pre-Birthday party and was out late getting wild. Saturday was a then equally a late one at Chill Dog Cove drinking free keg beer and jumping in the galvanized pool!

So in that, I will sometime get caught up, but until then enjoy this pick of me thumbs upping you all with my Black Flag Coffee t-shirt on. Oh and enjoy Black Flag the band while yer at it.

                                                             Nervous Breakdown 7"


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